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Getting BMFA ‘A’ and ‘B’ certificates

If any members are interested in doing their ‘A’ or ‘B’ certificates please contact Baz and also check the Events schedule for planned test dates..

Links to the BMFA Handbook and Guidance notes can be found below. Please note that all BMFA documents are in pdf format.

BMFA Members Handbook 2012 (Web Version)

BMFA Guidance on ‘A’ certificate tests (2013)

BMFA Guidance on ‘B’ certificate tests (2013)

Please note that the BMFA has recently updated the tests to permit the use of electronics which replace the fly bar, the exact wording is as follows.:

“If the helicopter does not have a fly bar fitted it is acceptable to use extra electronic stabilisation, however the extra electronic stabilisation must only be acting as a fly bar replacement system and must not take over control from the pilot or achieve automated flight.

The use of any autopilot and/or artificial stability features which are (or may be) designed into such units beyond the definition above is not acceptable during the test and is not allowed.

Candidates should be prepared to explain the capabilities of the system they are using and

show that it does not take over control from the pilot and that automated flight will not be achieved during the test.”