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Club Rules  (cont.)

10. Visitors are only permitted to fly on three separate occasions and only if proof of BMFA membership is shown to the member taking responsibility for the visitor. Visitors MUST be known to a Club Member, and a guest of that club member who must be present on site at the same time. The Club Member MUST take full legal responsibility for the visitor’s actions. For the avoidance of doubt persons unknown by any club members are NOT permitted to fly at any time. Visitors are welcome at all times as spectators and should be guided towards the club membership secretary. Please contact a committee member before bringing a visitor to fly at the club and ensure the Visitors’ Book is filled in on the day.

     11.  Transmitters must not be switched on unless they use 2.4GHz. Anyone wishing to use any other legal band (such as 35Mhz)

must consult with the club Safety Officer or in his absence any Committee member before they bring such equipment to the             club so a unique channel can be assigned.

12. Noise level must not exceed 86dB (a weighted, slow response) as measured on the club's noise meter in accordance with the BMFA method (maximum reading of 2 measurements, 7 meter’s either side crosswind of model hovering at 1 to 2 meter’s height facing directly into wind. The rotor head speed must not be artificially reduced from that normally used to fly the helicopter as a means of passing the noise test).

13. Check the condition of the helicopter and transmitter and receiver battery packs before each flight.

14. Peg 4 is to be given priority to disabled flyers and wheel chair access during winter months. Disabled flyers must still take turns in using the flight line if there are able flyers on site.

Updated 4/12/10 AGM 2010

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